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Dr. Batu Bayar
Bayar Clinic

Dr. Batu BAYAR

Dr. Batu Bayar (Batbayar Chimidtseren) was born in Mongolia in 1973 and graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 2000. Following his graduation, he started to receive traditional therapy training in his hometown and later worked in many acupuncture centers and hospitals in Turkey and Mongolia.

Bayar Clinic

Our Clinical Services

We aim to focus on your health in a comprehensive way while supporting your healing process by combining our services in the field of traditional and complementary medicine with treatment options specially adapted for you with our natural and effective methods.


Cupping Treatment

Ozone Therapy



IV Vitamine Glutathione

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As A Speaker, Dr. Batu

Dr. Batu Bayar attends national and international congresses as a speaker and successfully represents our country in the international arena by making impressive presentations every time.

As An Educator, Dr. Batu

Dr. In addition to contributing to the preparation of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Regulation in the Ministry of Health, Batu continues to give trainings in different cities and universities of our country.

Bayar Clinic


Bayar Clinic

Patient Testimonials

As Bayar Clinic, we are happy with the positive reviews of our patients. Here are some of the comments from our patients, whom we treated with traditional medicine.