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What is PRP treatment?

PRP is the separation of platelet cells in the blood after our own blood undergoes special processes, and the platelet-rich part of it is taken and activated with ozone and injected into the skin and muscle.

With the application of PRP, the tissue is renewed, the skin is revitalized, tightened, it is made to look bright, and it is a medical method applied in hair loss.

Growth Factors released from platelets support tissue regeneration by increasing collagen and elastin production from fibroblasts in the skin. PRP and ozone mixture is a natural and safe treatment method that has no side effects, as it is prepared from the patient’s own blood and ozone-oxygen mixture.


PRP Treatment Application Areas

  • Facial rejuvenation (reduction of skin sagging, reduction of lines),
  • Increasing skin vitality and brightness,
  • OPA (application of ozonated platelet-platelets to acupuncture points) in muscle, bone and cartilage tissue damage,
  • It is applied in spine, knee and other joint calcifications and pain