By inserting sterilized steel, silver or gold needles into certain points of the body for the patient’s recovery, by activating the limbic system in the brain

Ozone Therapy

It is the application of the mixture of oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3) produced by the medical ozone device to the patient’s body.


It is one of the oldest treatment methods of medicine, which ensures that nearly 100 various enzymes are delivered to the human tissue by sticking the medical leech to the necessary areas in the human body

Cupping treatment

The way of creating regional vacuum and superficial skin incisions at certain points of the body to increase blood circulation and eliminate muscle spasm

Dr. Batu Bayar

Dr. Batu Bayar (Batbayar Chimidtseren) was born in Mongolia in 1973 and graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 2000. Following his graduation, he started to receive traditional therapy training in his hometown and later worked in many acupuncture centers and hospitals in Turkey and Mongolia

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Patients : Dilara Bozoklu

Parents: Hanife – Hüseyin Bozoklu

Our daughter Dilara lost her sight one year ago because her friend threw an eraser at school. After the accident, we applied to specialist doctors. At first, the doctors said that it takes time, but during this time, Dilara's eyes did not improve.

At the end of a long and tiring process, unfortunately, the doctors stated that there was nothing that could be done medically and that Dilara's damaged eye could reach the level where she could not see permanently. This situation literally destroyed our family. We could not understand why modern medicine fell short in this regard, but we did not give up.

We immediately started doing research on alternative types. On the recommendation of a relative, Dr. We decided to meet with Batu. The doctor said that treatment should be started right after the accident, 7 months have passed, we are a little late, but there is hope that Dilara will see him again. It gave us hope.

After the meeting, we started hirudopuncture treatment, which is a combination of acupuncture and leech treatments. As a result of a 6-month process, Dilara's eyes are now dilated up to 60%. We continue our treatments. We have full faith that the eyes will be opened even more.

Doctors, who previously said "it will not heal, there is no hope", cannot believe the progress in Dilara's eyes.

Thank you very much as a family, my teacher Batu. We've had very difficult days, but it's all in the past. Dilara, who is the most beautiful gift in the world for us, can see again.

Good luck to you

As a speaker, Dr. Batu

Dr. Batu attends national and international congresses as a speaker and represents our country successfully

As an educator, Dr. Batu

Dr. In addition to contributing to the preparation of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Regulation in the Ministry of Health, Batu continues to give trainings in different cities and universities of our country